Kyllesjö Skog


Taktik och beslutsunderlag, 2 dagar.

Taktik- och  släckmetoder. Arbetsroller och deras funktioner. Utrustning. Bedöm den nuvarande brandens beteende , gör riskbedömningar och upprätta en släckningsplan. Grunda taktiken på spridningsprognoser för kommande timmar och dagar. Analysfunktionen på skogsbrand. Avslutande av insats. Kursen är på engelska.

Kursen går igenom olika taktiska metoder som används idag i Kanada, samt beskrivning av vid vilka förutsättningar de olika metoderna är lämpliga. Säkerheten ligger i fokus under hela kursen. Olika funktioner – arbetsroller presenteras och vi för diskussion om hur detta kan användas i Sverige.

Brendan ger oss en bild över den utrustning de har utvecklat och använder. Både tyngre maskiner, samt handredskap. Vi bygger kursen på scenarier med skogsbrand under olika förutsättningar. I mindre och större grupper ska vi ta fram släckningsplaner, som grundar sig på de förutsättningar som råder. Vi grundar våra beslut på god kunskap om brandens beteende, FWI och FBP. På en större skogsbrand har analysfunktionen en avgörande roll. Denna rollen lyfts fram på kursen och funktionen beskrivs.

Instruktörer: Brendan Hutchinson, Kanada och Annie Johansson.


Brendan Hutchinson

British Columbia Wildfire Service

Brendan grew up and resides in Smithers, a small, northwestern town in British Columbia, Canada. Sitting on the boundary between the Interior Plateau and the Coast Mountains, Smithers presents boundless recreational opportunities. Brendan takes advantage of the downhill skiing, hunting, and fishing and fills any spare time with playing and coaching hockey. Brendan has 2 young kids, Eliyah (2 years) and Drea (1 year), and a very understanding wife, Cathy.

Brendan grew up around fire. His father worked his way up from crew member to the Senior Protection Officer in Operations and eventually Fire Center Manager for the Northwest. In 2000, as a 19 year old, Brendan decided to follow his father’s footsteps and apply for seasonal work on a local fire crew. He made it through Boot Camp and was selected to a Type 1, 20 person unit crew for the British Columbia Wildfire Service, (BCWS). Brendan spent four seasons working with his crew on initial attack, expanded attack and sustained action fires. In his fourth season, Brendan was rewarded with a crew leader position and the added responsibility of directly supervising six crew members.

Brendan brought his experience and knowledge to Sweden in 2004 to work with Wildland Fire Inc. This unique opportunity allowed him the ability to experience a different country and culture as well as a new way of applying wildfire to forestry. During his time with Wildland Fire Inc. Brendan taught wildfire material to local students and staff, conducted burn block assessments, studied Swedish fuel types and weather, and completed a number of prescribed burns for large forestry companies and government. In addition, Brendan worked on wildfires with the Swedish military and local fire departments. This experience was invaluable and Brendan returned to BCWS with a greater understanding of fire.

After his season in Sweden, Brendan resumed his position as Crew Leader until 2008 when he was promoted to Unit Crew Supervisor of a neighbouring crew. He spent three meaningful seasons learning and growing as a firefighter in this role. In 2011, Brendan was awarded a Forest Protection Assistant, (FPA) position which shifted his focus away from unit crews and onto prevention, organization, suppression and fire management for the entire zone. As an FPA, Brendan would still train, develop and supervise three-person initial attack crews but would not be tied to them directly, allowing him his own experiences as a single resource. As a single resource, Brendan could be used locally, provincially, or nationally on small to complex incidents. In this role, Brendan was deployed and eventually certified in the following areas: Division Supervior, Branch Director, Operations Chief 2, Incident Commander 2 and 3, Helicopter Coordinator, Helibase Manager, Ignition Specialist, Burn Boss 2, etc.

These functions have taken Brendan all over BC, Canada and the USA. Brendan has worked in virtually all fuel types, organizational structures, and among the most challenging fire environments. Brendan has become an expert in wildland fire management, suppression and tactics through his 17 seasons and hopes to share North American philosophies with his Swedish counterparts.